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  • Artiste: Waltari6083
  • Chanson: External
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Textes et Paroles de External

[Musik: Hatakka, Lyrics: Hatakka]

I - I'll leave the city for a while
You - I'll be gone when you wake up

I'm livin'and dying outside the principle
I'm crawling and flying I am (like) too flexible

She - I'm always gonna miss you
He- disagreement didn't stand in our way

I'll be following my rules outside the principle
I'm bitter like salt maybe I'm radical


I'm and external case
I just wanna leave this place
I can't deal with it if you can't hear my voice
An external choice
I was made of silent noise
I'm external till you wake me up! (again)

We - there is no more identity
You - you better give us a clue to...

...why we're livin'and dying outside the principle
Why these global minds can't bend and be flexible


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