Paroles Jankha de Waltari

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  • Artiste: Waltari6083
  • Chanson: Jankha
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Textes et Paroles de Jankha

[Music by Waltari]

Now, I take a huge breath
you're in deep cleanness,
so far from the mess

The clod touches my skin
gives me strength, I'll win
life's not so damn thin

Go laillaa...

Deep inside the fur I could remember...
I'm not from this world!

Senses not so sharp
can't see clearly, hear the dark
step towards the stars

Go laillaa...

In the dark air I fly
paintings in the sky
no matter how hard I try

Silence is our gold unlike we've been told
so I sing to you

Go laillaa...

(I feel space around me but lonelyness I haven't found)

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