Paroles Part 2: A Sign de Waltari

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  • Artiste: Waltari6083
  • Chanson: Part 2: A Sign
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Textes et Paroles de Part 2: A Sign

The brave new computerbrain is giving out orders...

[Machine: ]
Death to brains, death to sorrow
Turn the lights off and wait for tomorrow
Brains of metal wait to arise
Calling dusty corpses to show up
[John Doe: ]
Don't wanna wait a minute
I need some space to escape
Livin' in a dark hole
Blind on a dead end street

The angel appears to the scene and feels sympathy for John Doe and wants to
help (?!) him.

[The Angel: ]
Oh, there's a sign
Just follow it, don't be afraid
It shows the way life's really like
Avoid the everlasting pain!
[Machine: ]
Alright, a very good trick! Just sit and relax with Mary Chain (haha)

The Angel doesn't like the computerbrain who wants to connect everyone to
itself. Everybody should have a dream that can be accomplished. She tears John
from his shell willing to give him a hint of "another day". John doesn't
hesitate a moment: they rush away! The computerbrain is left behind wondering
what really happened...

[Machine: ]
(Hey!) Where did you go! I thought I could reach you.
But my metal computer mind can't locate you anymore!
(I can't let you go)

John Doe is taken over by a strange emotion. The computerbrain notices it and
proceeds to hunt him down... It doesn't want to let it's beloved slave out of
sight. And besides, it is possessive as well as curious... The plot thickens.

[John Doe: ]
Look, what fun
Brightness, stability
And look, I will flee
There's free space in my eyes...
[Machine: ]
The breast of unknown
The breathing space
No civilized lies
The breast of the world
Fortune, fabulous, challenge the bridge, white innocence calls
The breast of the world, come to me!

[The Angel: ]
Oh, there's a sign
Just follow it, don't be afraid
It shows the way life's really like
Avoid the everlasting pain!
[John Doe: ]
Come to me, the breast of the world, come to me, ...

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