Paroles Prime Time de Waltari

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  • Artiste: Waltari6083
  • Chanson: Prime Time
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Textes et Paroles de Prime Time

I take another step a long wide street
I see a lot of clean shops full of jewelry
A lot of traffic is passing me all the time
People on the move led by nervous minds
Yo, what's the rush, what's this bad trip
I don't wanna live in this sinking ship
But if I'd leave this all I'd remain alone
An' you couldn't hear my new song

You got it - mesmerize me!
Prime time for my mind

I die every nite and wake up again
To a new morninig, with new things to gain
I feel refreshed when I breathe this air
Though I know in this world everything's not fair
I am a stander, I can't feel no pain
But if I didn't feel a thing, there'd be nothing to gain
So step right up and join the chorus
I'll be there as long as we're focused

You got it - mesmerize me!
Prime time!

The smell of the street assault my nose
Do I belong here or is it only a pose?
I'm relying on the city, relying on disharms
I'd like to forget the stuff and harms
Still I hate a huntch there's something (??)
I can feel it, the noise can't cover it's bloom
So step outside of your normal world
You'll see more or less, life's not that serious

You got it - mesmerize me!
Prime time for my mind!

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