Paroles Prologue de Waltari

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  • Artiste: Waltari6083
  • Chanson: Prologue
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Textes et Paroles de Prologue

The planet of death and damnation. The dumping ground of people with weak
souls, who cause war and starvation. The year 1995. John Doe, one of the
inhabitants, is living in a state of distress, knowing that he is dependent on
the computerbrain who is guiding the state with no destination. The brave new
people equal progress, they say, but the ordinary John Doe has never been
taught how to survive alone! And he doesn't dare to think! However, the
computer-brain has a special feature to act gentle and to sympathize with
human mind, after all - humans have feelings. In the midst of all this there
is also an angel, a shining creature, the light of life who can see inside a
man. It is the angels mission to encourage and cheer up the normal mortal. She
sees the pain of John Doe.

This symphony tells about the struggle between these three spirits:

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