Paroles This Graveyard Earth de Warhammer

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  • Artiste: Warhammer6090
  • Chanson: This Graveyard Earth
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Textes et Paroles de This Graveyard Earth

[Lyrics by Frank Krynojewski]
[Music by Frank Krynojewski]

A massive amount of destruction
Coming through the end of the century
This perverted road to Hell
Was created by ourselves
The alliance against mankind
Has forced its gruesome powers
Only the bones will remain
Of our impure, damned existence

We made this world a graveyard
Buried in the dirt
But now its too late for repentance
This graveyard earth

Behold the final chapter
Aware of provoked things to come
Ashes fall from bloodred skies
The last selection has begun
Termination for the sinners
None of them will be saved
Raging waters introduce the downfall
As revelations once have told


After all, there's only silence
When nothing has survived
Dustclouds poison the wastelands
The age of eternal winter
Fall-out heavy like snow
Hell has opened its doors
What lies beyond our gods
Leaving us raped in pain


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