Paroles Beyond Recall de Warhead

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  • Artiste: Warhead6091
  • Chanson: Beyond Recall
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Textes et Paroles de Beyond Recall

[music: breitenbach / lyrics: eilen / arrangement by breitenbach]

... now strapped to the table he hopelessly watches the preparation of his lethal injection. As the poison enters his veins his life is beyond recall.

It's all a mistake, this show is a fake
You fuckers, you lie, I wanted to try
And no one of you, the murderers crew
Is better than me, you're guilty in my eyes

Who starts the machine?
You turn me to the screen
For you it's all a joke, you want me to choke
I still can't believe, it's only your grief
It's not, I can feel I'm not sure that you know this is


So look at me, look at me, you witnesses
What do you see?
Is this what makes you masturbate
For you everything's too late
The last thing I want to tell you
And I know that this is true, cause someday
You'll all die, too, and this is


Cold liquid, the poison's in my veins
Oh my god, I can't describe the pain
Why can't I breathe, I'm fighting with my fate
The hell in me, you'll never stop the hate this way...


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