Paroles The American Movement de Warzone

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  • Artiste: Warzone39114
  • Chanson: The American Movement
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Textes et Paroles de The American Movement

The american movement will grow strong - american skinheads
if you'll listen you will learn - american skinheads
our constitution is what we're for - american skinheads
we're proud of our country - we have loyalty both rich and poor

freedom is what we must have in - the american movement
we need love for our country though - the american movement
red, white and blue it will be true - the american movement
it's our hope, it's our dream, one day it will be reality

don't think we're naive
fuck yea we bealieve in our country
our movement will still be strong
when you're all dead and gone!
dead and gone - dead and gone

american skinheads

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