Paroles Happily Ever Cadaver de Wednesday 13

Wednesday 13
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  • Artiste: Wednesday 138070
  • Chanson: Happily Ever Cadaver
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Textes et Paroles de Happily Ever Cadaver

Well I broke my nail on your coffin lid,
trying to get to the beauty within.
Oh yeah, you're gonna be mine.

Digging a grave while wearing a skirt,
asking for trouble gonna get myself hurt,
it's fine, you're gonna be mine.

Let me wipe those maggots from your eyes.
You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Now my wigs all frizzy and I got a run in my hoes.
Rigor mortis has been kind to you,
and left you in a sexy pose.

Happily, I'm so happily ever cadaver.
You're gonna be mine.
Happily, I'm so happily ever cadaver.
You're gonna be mine.

This transvestite moves by the light,
with 6-inch heels and a pink flashlight.
Oh yeah, your gonna be mine.

I put you in the back of my cadillac,
next to my lingerie and the tire jack.
Oh yeah, your gonna be mine.

Happily, I'm so happily ever cadaver.
And now you're mine.

(Thanks to Jas90 for these lyrics)

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