Paroles The Fruit Man de Ween

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  • Artiste: Ween6983
  • Chanson: The Fruit Man
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Textes et Paroles de The Fruit Man

The fruit man sold the guava to the black man
the black man peeled the skin with the bare hand
a juice man took a stand with the fruit man
and they cooked up the fish brought in fresh from the ocean

the fish man sold an axe to the boat man
a chinaman caused a scene with the black man
accused him of selling fish that was frozen
the black man yelled at the chinaman,

"It is not broken. It is not frozen. The fish it was just caught in the ocean.
I do not steal. Don't breathe another sound or I'll take that fish and return it to the ocean."

The fruit man consoled the black man
The boatman explained to the chinaman
and it was dark, really dark, with the sun down
and the fish they swam, they swam in the ocean

(Thanks to Tiernan for these lyrics)

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