Paroles Star Wars Copa Cabana de Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic
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  • Artiste: Weird Al Yankovic2940
  • Chanson: Star Wars Copa Cabana
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Textes et Paroles de Star Wars Copa Cabana

Her name was Leia,
She was a princess!
With a danish on each ear and Darth Vader drawing near...
So R2-D2,
found Ben Kenobi,
He'd have to put the Death Star plans into the Rebellion's hands,
So, Luke and Obi-Wan
had to get to Alderan,
So, they stopped into Mos Eisly to have a drink with Han;

At the Star Wars,
Star Wars Cantina!
The weirdest creatures you've ever seen-a.
At the Star Wars,
Star Wars Cantina!
Music and blasters and old Jedi Masters,
at the Star Wars...

His name was Solo,
He was pilot
with a blaster at his side and a smile twelve parsecs wide!
There with Chewbacca,
He was a wookie!
They met with Luke and Obi-Wan about the Millenium Falcon,
Docking Bay 94,
Stormtroopers at the door..
With a flash of Ben's lightsaber,
now there's an arm on the floor!


His name was Yoda,
He was a Muppet!
Darth Vader was so bad and by the way, he's Luke's dad!
Luke kissed his sister,
his hand got cut off,
In that galaxy far far away,
Luke has had a lousy day;
Boba Fett was so mean,
Jabba had bad hygine!
Why didn't they all just relax back on Tatooine?

(Chorus 2x)

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