Paroles Ford Winstar de Wesley Willis

Wesley Willis
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  • Artiste: Wesley Willis39255
  • Chanson: Ford Winstar
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Textes et Paroles de Ford Winstar

This van has some featuring options
It is a recreation van
I go across the city by driving around town
I love driving this mean machine

Ford Windstar
Ford Windstar
Ford Windstar
Ford Windstar

I drove this van to Green Bay, Wisconsin
I took my family on a camping trip
I drove 326 miles to Chicago
I was firewalling the throttle

Ford Windstar
Ford Windstar
Ford Windstar
Ford Windstar

I was cruising the highway
I was going eighty miles per hour
Suddenly, a Wisconsin state trooper pulled me over
He asked me to show my driver's license
After that, he let me go

Ford Windstar
Ford Windstar
Ford Windstar
Ford Windstar

Northwest Airlines, some people just know how to fly

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