Paroles He Goes To Prison de Wesley Willis

Wesley Willis
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  • Artiste: Wesley Willis39255
  • Chanson: He Goes To Prison
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Textes et Paroles de He Goes To Prison

Once upon a time, a drug dealer was arrested for selling dope
He was charged with selling cannabis
He was beaten to a pulp before being whisked away to jail

He goes to prison
He goes to prison
He goes to prison
He goes to prison

When John Cook went to court, he was arraigned
He was also prosecuted
Evidence showed that he was caught selling crack on the street

He goes to prison
He goes to prison
He goes to prison
He goes to prison

John Cook was found guilty of possession of cannabis
The sentencing date was set
He recieved three years in prison

He goes to prison
He goes to prison
He goes to prison
He goes to prison

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