Paroles I'd Never Write A Song About You de Wheatus

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  • Artiste: Wheatus2728
  • Chanson: I'd Never Write A Song About You
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Textes et Paroles de I'd Never Write A Song About You

I don't get to see you that often; Here we go again and its Christmas time; When u flirt you are relentless... how i love to be defenseless; Oh once again u corner me... once again i do believe

That i'd never write a song about you; All the same u play your game till your boyfriend looks over; Oh I'd never write a song about you; Goes to show you think he knows, that your taking me over again

Roll it back again to the beginning; You're all up in my grill and its Halloween; You think your cute without your custome; And you caught me in the front room; You said you don't like my attitude; I bet your boyfriend thinks it's rude


Instrumental break down

You don't seem to like my new girlfriend; Cause now it's not the same cause you won't play your game; You say it doesn't matter... that your hold on me is shattered; Once again your corner me... once again i do believe

I'd never write (never write) a song about you (4x)


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