Paroles Good To Be Bad de Whitesnake

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  • Artiste: Whitesnake7510
  • Chanson: Good To Be Bad
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Textes et Paroles de Good To Be Bad

Tell me baby what's on your mind
You got me runnin' on overdrive
I'm overheatin' feel the burn
When it comes to loving you I'll never learn

So tell me baby what's on your mind
Your kind of lovin' so hard to find
I'm runnin' wild runnin' hot
I just got to have a taste of what you got

Anytime you got love on your mind
Play rockin' music for you
All I'm gonna say

Sometimes it's good to be bad
Bad to the bone
Sometimes it's good to be bad
Baby, bad to the bone

Tell me baby how do you do
You want our lovin' you'll hoo chee coo
You want some fly it I can't stop
ooh, rely baby you gonna blow my top

Anytime you got love on your mind
Play rock wheel there for you
Our love is strong


So tell me baby what's on your mind
Little bidding on lovin' I feel fine
I got no hunger through and through
Cause I just can't keep my hands off you

Anytime you got lovin' on your mind
Play rockin' something for you
And all lies leads wrong


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