Paroles Midnight Rain de Wide Mouth Mason

Wide Mouth Mason
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  • Artiste: Wide Mouth Mason39440
  • Chanson: Midnight Rain
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Textes et Paroles de Midnight Rain

Three men jump off an overpass
One hits rock and the other glass
The last one grabs a rail and calls the other two fools
Tell me now which one are you

At the last out post of the midnight rain
A man relives the past with his shadow again
Prays a toast to his bride and pours a long tall suicide
Would you do the same if it was you
But everything is turning out
And everything is coming round
The sun will shine on solid ground
Tomorrow when it comes out
Everything is turning out
And everything is coming round
The things that hurt you set you free
Yeah come home to me

Scatter my ashes in a hotel room
I paid a high price to smell that sweet perfume
There's a man outside and his face is vaguely familiar
Tell me now what if it was you
Repeat verse two ...
Tell me now if it was you
Tell me now what I should do

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