Paroles She Don't Care de Will Hoge

Will Hoge
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  • Artiste: Will Hoge39470
  • Chanson: She Don't Care
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Textes et Paroles de She Don't Care

i see her every morning as the sun drips slowly down
walking up on my street to her swanky little job uptown
she's got an office with a window i'm looking out my window too
i wish the four winds would blow and change my point of view
doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
she wears them high steppin shoes and her dress seems to fit so right
i got two pair of corduroy pants everybody says they fit too tight
i got a 3 dollar shirts on she got 55 dollar hair
i want to pick her up and take her down but she's already been there probably two times

(chorus) and every time i see her i just cry
ain't no sense in even wondering why
she don't care about me
i know she lives on 4th street or somewhere round about all i want to do is hold her hand or hang her dirty laundry out
she's got a sister names alice her older brother's name is bill she ain't got no dentist but her teeth are shiny still
she probably likes those older men with those big long cars and don't care much for fools like me that spend time in all these smoke filled bars
she likes shirts and ties and cigarettes that smell like fallen leaves i just want to be the monkey that she lets climb her big tall tree

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