Paroles Be Still And Know God (don't Be Shy) de Will Oldham

Will Oldham
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  • Chanson: Be Still And Know God (don't Be Shy)
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Textes et Paroles de Be Still And Know God (don't Be Shy)

One night while walking on the rounds
One seems to lose all control
The face jerks in a spasm of frowns
And the blood on the shirt
Ladies' faces and memories of things
Tried to long put away
Surprised the head and a number of things
Seemed to subtly say

O don't be shy
O don't be shy
O don't be shy
O don't be shy

I can glance with a movement of lids
Or a shift of my head
When confronted with things that I did
Act like nothing's been said
Or take god as a covering guard
When I do not believe
In the grace of a governing god
Who can see us in need

O don't be shy
O don't be shy
O don't be shy
O don't be shy

Help me find what it is to be
Is a womanly cry
Any hint of a request for help
Is not from I
I can sing on the corners of streets
O so in love
While some goat incessantly bleats
From there above

O don't be shy
O don't be shy
O don't be shy
O don't be shy

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