Paroles Forest Time de Will Oldham

Will Oldham
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  • Artiste: Will Oldham39471
  • Chanson: Forest Time
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Textes et Paroles de Forest Time

Filling up the girl
I am filling up the girl
Make her all of the whole world
Filling up the girl

And a brand new baby child
Makes me trunky
Makes me wild
Makes me trumpet of the swan
A brand-new footprint-maker born

I be ashtray I be star
I be monkey by Babar
I be hippo calling far
Far into the forest

And a shark I break its back
And an enemy attack
And chompers chomp
And then they crack
And then a baby's eaten

But a baby girl is growing
And all of us over-shadowing
My animal's belowing
Ocean time
Forest time

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