Paroles In My Veins de Winger

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  • Artiste: Winger14122
  • Chanson: In My Veins
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Textes et Paroles de In My Veins

Be a crime if I offended you
With my estranged religion
I've been chain smoken cigarettes
Since I felt my first ignition
Don't want you to believe me
Just want you to release me

I'm the son of a preacher
Ain't no angels in my head
You're preachin' snow-white
But the stain on your
switchblade's red

So don't expect no roses
I never had much class
Don't want Mona Lisa
All I want is your trash

In my veins
Make it last
For days
Want your beast
Need your rage
Feel you burnin' up, sister
In my veins

Devil diggin' deeper
I'm still hangin' by a thread
Don't be talkin' about love
Don't you know that superstition's

And I ain't nobody' savior
So don't expect no flash
Don't want Mona Lisa
All I want is your trash

(Repeat Chorus)

A graphic disposition
Makes such a sexy girl
You can turn the Kiss of Death
Into Mother of Pearl

Need your trash
In my veins
Make it last
For days
Want your beast
In my cage
Feel your burnin' up, sister
In my veins

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