Paroles Like A Ritual de Winger

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  • Artiste: Winger14122
  • Chanson: Like A Ritual
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Textes et Paroles de Like A Ritual

She said I'm naked
In the jungle
There I see you block'n
my path
Watch what you do
It don't come easy
No deja vu here
Not a chance
And you better know
If you try to hang me out
to dry
Baby don't come any closer
How will I know
If I give in to you
You will

Love me
Like a ritual
Fill me with your spirit
Spread you magic dust
Love me
Like a ritual
Tell me where you're hurtin'
I will be your medicine man
Better make it good

And I told here
I'm dried up
I'm in the desert
And I'm tired of kickin'
up the dust
And you better know
Like a dog eatin' dirty
I'll be houndin' you to
feed me
Make sure you know
If you give in to me
I will

Love you
Like a ritual
Fill you with the spirit
Spread the magic dust
Love you
Like a ritual
Let me be the stranger
While I'll watch you do
your dance

So when you feel like a lonely
Put on your blue feathered lenses
Take me back
To the beginning
All the way
All the way
Can you take me all the way

Love me
Like a ritual
Fill me with your spirit
Spread your magic dust
Love me
Like a ritual
Can you cut me deeper
When I'll watch you do
your dance
Never gonna give you up
It's like a ritual
Love me
Like a ritual
Fill me with your spirit
Love me like a

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