Paroles Von hier an blind (english translation) de Wir Sind Helden

Wir Sind Helden
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  • Chanson: Von hier an blind (english translation)
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Textes et Paroles de Von hier an blind (english translation)

Between two questions
In the gap between two days
Nothing was left to say
No woe left to lament and I
Took the car
And sank to my knees in front of it
And said:
I'm at a loss (lit.: I don't know any further)
Never been here
Me and the car
And the swarm of bees in my stomach
And the road that was to hit
We got along with each other, but
Two days ago the car broke down
It said:
I'm at a loss
Never been here

I'm at a loss
I don't know where we are
I'm at a loss
From here on blind
From here on blind
From here on

Me and my stomach
And the head in my collar
Carried blindly by two feet
Which don't say anything but
And finally sink to your knees
I said
I'm at a loss
Never been here


Barely a thousand meters outside the gate
There was a roar and a male choir sang

Then there was silence and between and before that, the pause set new silly ideas in my head
And I...
I'm at a loss
I don't know where we are
I'm at a loss
From here on blind

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