Paroles Wind Up de Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash
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  • Artiste: Wishbone Ash10520
  • Chanson: Wind Up
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Textes et Paroles de Wind Up

I got home about three A.M.,
Working my fingers to the bone.
My woman's waiting up for me,
Gonna put me through the third degree.
"Where you been? Who you seen?"
Is all she wants to know.
I can't lie to save my life
'Cause I got nothin' to hide.

Let me tell you what's been on my mind.
You been in the city again.
I ain't lyin', baby, I saw you on your high horse,
Walkin' along like you didn't belong
To any self-respecting man.
Is that the way you're gonna repay
All the love that I've given to you?

It's a wind-up, wind-up,
Wind up accusin' me. (Repeat)
Wind me up.

Maybe we should start all over again -
That's the best advice.
Meet me halfway, and I'll be there -
I been there so long, and now I'm coming home for rest.
I'm OK, how about you?
Everything I said, baby, was true.
We only got ourselves to blame -
Makin' our bed is just a part of the game.

It's a wind-up, wind-up,
Wind up accusin' me.
Baby, it's a wind-up, wind-up,
Wind-up for you and me. (Repeat)
You want me, you want me to be.

You gotta stop what you do.
Wind-up, wind-up,
I don't need no more of your lies.
Wind-up, wind-up.
I gotta stop now.
Wind-up, wind-up

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