Paroles Free Country de Witchfinder General

Witchfinder General
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  • Artiste: Witchfinder General6132
  • Chanson: Free Country
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Textes et Paroles de Free Country

Reality it is a lie
The briefest dream before I die
To comprehend the cosmic scheme
See the truth behind my dream

Look out for me
Let's trip on L.S.D.
Look out for me
D.S. look out for me

Rocky's gold, leb is red
Black goes right to my head
Mushroom tea, a toke of weed
Amphetamine is real good speed

Look out for me
Come have some mushroom tea
Look out for me
D.S. look out for me

Lines of speed on a mirror face
Sniff it up through a biro case
Heroin is for the hero
It's a killer, you gotta say no

Look out for me
Let's trip on L.S.D.
Look out for me
D.S. look out for me

Turn to drugs to free my mind
Just to see what I would find
Tabs are great, now ask the drummer
Smack my friend is just a bummer

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