Paroles Freedom de Wizards

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  • Artiste: Wizards6147
  • Chanson: Freedom
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Textes et Paroles de Freedom

[Music by Passos, Lyrics by Passos & Pedroso]

There's only one way for you, man
Fly in the night
To be free as a feather in the wind
The wind can blow to the sea
There I'll land
Then sail by the wind
Go through the night to be loved
I can give the stars to you
I'll save you there
Across the clouds, there's
A shadow in the wind
Dazzling flight of mine
With no return
Doesn't really matter if
Can't hear my homeland
Flying in the mist I just
Can't lose myself in the dark
Please help me to be free
Doesn't really matter if I don't return
See the children cry, they
Can't hear their homeland
This is why we want to try,
We can love, can fight
We can die, can die
Old men and women distant
From their land
Treated like aliens
The reason is fight for
Freedom, for freedom
Doesn't matter if you die, as long as you
Don't live in a land in chains
Show me a place where I can live
With some peace, without fear
I can't give up
There's a glitter in my broken
Heart, empty heart
Remember all those days when
We had pride over being strong
Sun shinning over my shoulder
Magic moments, fly over my mind
See no blues, see no blues in my track
In the horizon I see the promise land
Now it's time to be free

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