Paroles Ticky Tock de Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie
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  • Artiste: Woody Guthrie39640
  • Chanson: Ticky Tock
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Textes et Paroles de Ticky Tock

Little hand, big hand
Long hand, short hand
Rich man, pore man,
Ticky ticky tock
Hour hand, minute hand
Fast hand, slow hand
Ticky ticky tock.

Ticky ticky tick tock
Ticky ticky tick tock
Time a gonna git you
Ticky ticky tock.

Rough hand, fine hand
Sick hand, well hand
Angel hand and devil hand
Ticky ticky tock
Smooth hand, blister'd hand
Robber hand, honest hand
Living hand and dead hand
Ticky ticky tock.

Your hand, my hand
Big hand, little hand
Lady hand and man hand
Ticky ticky tock
His hand, her hand
Liar's tongue and coward hand
Lyncher hand, slave hand
Ticky ticky tock.

Iron hand, marble hand
Farm hand, mill hand
Mine hand, factory hand
Ticky ticky tock
Eating hand, drinking hand
Saw hand and hammer hand
Honey hand and money hand
Ticky ticky tock.

My hand, your hand
Warm hand, cold hand
Old hand and new hand
Ticky ticky tock
What hand, which hand?
Come hand, gone hand,
Good hand and bad hand
Ticky ticky tock.

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