Paroles Third Leg de X-Cops

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  • Artiste: X-Cops6071
  • Chanson: Third Leg
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Textes et Paroles de Third Leg

I got armor piercing bullets in my Taurus '92
It's fully locked and loaded and it's waiting just for you
A nickel plated magnum with the custom fitted grips
A fully auto AK with the big banana clip
A .45 baretta with an extra magazine
A sawed of riot shotgun and the mighty M-16
A back up Colt .380 that I keep inside my sock
All my guns are so much fun I love them like my cock

My 3rd leg is my savior
My 3rd leg's like a son
My 3rd leg is my master
My 3rd leg is my gun

I've got confiscated weapons from a hundred bogus busts
That wait for me when I get home to satisfy my lust
I feel their barrel close to mine it's making me erupt
It's so good to be a cop so good to be corrupt

My 3rd leg is my savior
My 3rd leg's like a son
My 3rd leg is my master
My 3rd leg is my gun

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