Paroles Welcome To New Jersey de X-Cops

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  • Artiste: X-Cops6071
  • Chanson: Welcome To New Jersey
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Textes et Paroles de Welcome To New Jersey

Welcome to New Jersey
It's late at night and you're far from home
Your radio's on and you're driving alone
Until a sign looms from to gloom
The words on that sign are the words to your tomb
It says New Jersey

Shining lights
Bloody face
Rabid dog
Can of mace
He's from New Jersey

Out in the woods, you're cuffed to a tree
The end of my gun is the last thing you'll see
I go through your wallet I take all your cash
Your car I destroy your body I smash
My maniac urges I simply can't stop
The funny thing is I'm not even a cop
Welcome to New Jersey

Shining lights
Bloody face
Rabid dog
Can of mace
He's from New Jersey
Welcome to New Jersey
I hope you enjoy your stay

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