Paroles I See Red de X

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  • Artiste: X22861
  • Chanson: I See Red
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[Originally by X] She wore blue her back of blue shoes she wore green, they wear it anyway She and the car went back through the red light stop I forgot all my memories I see red when I see you bells...

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We were like a pair of shoes, you never saw one of us Without the other, we were brothers but we weren't kin Those neighborhood football games was the only time You might ever see us on different teams...

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sixteen green she wore green cause never seen she wore blue i never knew made a wish upon a wave she's surrounded belted away then i fell into a stare i don't care if she wants to wear green cause never...

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The image was broken Long before it came to life Wrong words were spoken But at that time wasn't lies Same sick near advantage Of a game i never had to play My empathy went to crystate For all,...

Textes et Paroles de I See Red

she wore blue her bad luck blue shoes he wore green for go they went out any way she and thier car wore black throught the red light "stop i forgot all my memories" i see red when i see you fan belts break at 3 am i get mad drinks get spilled at 5 past 2 i don't feel sad but then i see you... and i see red i cant look down or i might fall on you i might follow in your footsteps i see a showdown at sundown whats the lowdown? i had to hunt you up i see red...he sees the sun come up and she needs rest here it comes a creepin so close to the bed "good morning darkness i see your shining face" shes always thinking about the facts of life i see red when i see you fan belts break at 3am i get mad drinks get spilled at 5 past 2 i don't feel sad but them i see you... and i see red

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