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  • Artiste: X Japan3017
  • Chanson: Drain
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Textes et Paroles de Drain

Talk to my troubled brain, if yon can feel my pain
So much hurting that's living in my head
Now I can barely breathe
And now my heart's disease
And my name and my life have been stepped on and on
No, no you made a fool of me, there is no way out

I'm going down the drain, the name of God in vain
You pushed me I'm insane, dissolution is knocking on my door
Can't stop my bitter tears, oh take away my fears, body and soul is blown up into pieces
Oh cry out, I want to be free...dry out, I want to know the truth
Let me drain my feelings out
Laugh like a drain
My emotions scream
Let me drain

So I can speak my mind
I'm so blind, I am left in a land with just solitude
Has this become my fate, who's next...
Be your bait, vicious cycle repeating on and on...

Cry out, I want to be loved
Dry out, I want to see dreams
Oh cry out, I want to be free
Dry out, I want to know the truth...

Let me drain my feelings out
Laugh like a drain
My emotions scream
Let me drain my feelings out
Laugh like a drain
My emotions scream
Let me drain

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