Paroles 2 Cents de XfilesX

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  • Artiste: XfilesX39819
  • Chanson: 2 Cents
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Textes et Paroles de 2 Cents

Bash us on your message boards. Talk shit in your fucking
cliques. Act like the "better person" because you don't know where we're
coming from. Take your positivity and shove it up your ass. Take your
negativity and smash me in the face. The truth is, my friends, unity is
just a word made up by a scenester. So fuck it. We're all assholes. We're
all pricks. You're not getting any younger and no one's gonna change. So
judge somebody else because they've already judged you. You're just
fighting a battle that can't be won. Maybe you're on the wrong fucking
side. Why should I feel guilty about human nature? Because I'd rather be
myself than get 2000 records pressed. Just embrace yourself.

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