Paroles Love Anit All Ways The Answer de Xscape

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  • Artiste: Xscape4451
  • Chanson: Love Anit All Ways The Answer
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Textes et Paroles de Love Anit All Ways The Answer

roses are dead vilets are to.
imlove but not with you .
you thought you hurt me and maid me cry but know i have felling for another guy.

i thoaught i loved you but i guess i was wrong.
you told me you would be my husband but that wasent i guess
our love is through.

you tried to be sling and play
your littel game but being my self i felt
no shame. you told your friends you had a
new bitch i told my friend you had littel dick.
your told me you loved me but that wasent true.

(chorus) till song fade out

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