Paroles The Arms Of The One Who Loves You de Xscape

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  • Artiste: Xscape4451
  • Chanson: The Arms Of The One Who Loves You
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Textes et Paroles de The Arms Of The One Who Loves You

Verse One (LaTocha):
I know you're going,
I can't make you stay.
I can only let you know I love you any way.
And if the road you take leads to heartbreak,
Somewhere down the line.
If someone ever hurts you,
Or treats your heart unkind...

You just run to the arms of the one who loves you.
You just run to these arms,
And these two arms will keep you warm.
When rain has found your heart,
Never fear, I'm never far.
You just run to the arms of the one who loves you.

Verse Two (LaTocha):
I want you happy,
I want the best for you.
And if you have to leave to find your dream,
I hope that dream comes true.
But if the world you find brings you hard times,
If someone makes you cry,
I'll be there to hold you,
I'll be standing by.

Repeat Chorus

Bridge (Tamika):
My love is strong enough, you know,
Strong enough to let you go.
But I'll always hold you,
Inside my heart.
And if you should ever change your mind,
You can come back any time,
And when you do...

Repeat Chorus

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