Paroles Levater de Yael Naim

Yael Naim
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  • Artiste: Yael Naim3529
  • Chanson: Levater
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Textes et Paroles de Levater

Kama keasim shamarti bimyuchad lecha
Ata yakar li
Kama merirut asafti bimyuchad bishvilcha
Ata hachi yakar li
Ratsiti ladaat levater lecha (x4)
Kama machshavot preda sin'a betoch kol ze tsomachat lanu ahava
Kama sipurim leorech hashanim im rak yadati kama ani shkufa lecha
Ratsiti ladaat leshaker lecha (x4)
Kama peamim salachta li
Haim ani salachti gam lecha
Davka hamilim habehirot hechliku li mimeni mitachat lasafa
Ratsiti ladaat ledaber itcha (x4)
Ratsiti ladaat lesaper lecha
Ratsiti ladaat lihiyot lecha
Ratsiti ladaat leragesh otcha
Ratsiti ladaat leehov otcha
English Translation:
How much anger have I kept especially for you?
You are dear to me
How much bitterness have I collected especially for you?
You are dearest to me
I wanted to know how to concede to you
How many thoughts, parting, hate?
In the middle of all this grows for us love
How many stories over the years?
If only I had known how transparent I was to you
I wanted to know how to lie to you
How many times have you forgiven me?
Did I forgive you too?
It was the clear words that got away from me, slipping beneath language
I wanted to know how to talk with you
I wanted to know how to tell you
I wanted to know how to be for you
I wanted to know how to move you
I wanted to know how to love you

(Thanks to LaCicci for these lyrics)

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