Paroles Chase Of Thoughts de Yattering

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  • Artiste: Yattering5349
  • Chanson: Chase Of Thoughts
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Textes et Paroles de Chase Of Thoughts

A need for trying something strong
Atmosphere of total fury
And a white impulse burning inside
Transient lack of self - control
More and more perceptible irritation
Of a young nervous system
Trend of thoughts... light
All - embracing...light
Slowly waking up an animal instinct
- Slogan threat and the first attack
Quick more imperceptible pain
And scream of the murderer
Fear Subconsciously created making one run
Trend of thoughts...light
All - Embracing...light
Waking up a stronger - weapon now
Powder again releasing from
The deeper corners of the brain
The ones to blame
Absolutely Changed
Managed with emotions
Finally leads to terrible tragedy
Bestial murder no limits and light
Why turned towards me?
Last transient awakening
Showing a total absurd of the situation
Destroyed psyche weapon turned towards the
Trend of thoughts...light
All - embracing...darkness

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