Paroles Come Home Wit' Me de You Am I

You Am I
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  • Artiste: You Am I39966
  • Chanson: Come Home Wit' Me
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Textes et Paroles de Come Home Wit' Me

Did you really wanna come out tonight with me?
Did you just wanna go where everybody else goes?
Now I don't need to read your mind
To see or hear that you aint mine
Is it just one of us who's gonna take the last late night bus?
Come home
Come home with me
Come home with me

Your words will always stump me when
I just need something right
I wanna kiss you as the sun comes up
And turns out Friday night
I got a good mind to get right down to it
And forget the way I sweat when you're walking through my eye

Come home
Come home with me
Come home with me

I know that I should be ashamed
To see you walk away again
And I've heard every excuse before
But you're just too much for me to lose
Help me girl
Stop looking so good

Come home
Come home with me
Come home with me

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