Paroles Come Play! de Your Favorite Franchise

Your Favorite Franchise
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  • Artiste: Your Favorite Franchise48625
  • Chanson: Come Play!
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Textes et Paroles de Come Play!

What would you do to get ahead
Lie to lie I could say I've lived
Oh what tangled webs we weave
When at first we practice to deceive
With the flick of my wrist won't you please roll the dice and you will see
There's only room enough for greed between you and me

You lay above the ground and tremble in the sand
You found the many a treason where our reason is bound in hand

I see the earth beneath
Screaming out just to see
Oh how we cry as we lose
The treason's of the sea

I see your face hit the rocks
Watching that east to west coast shock
Please oh please won't someone stop
These wretched hands of a clock

Please stop, please stop
Ladies and gentlemen treason is any man's game
Come take a gamble
Come play

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