Paroles In The Moonlight de Zachary Hunter

Zachary Hunter
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  • Artiste: Zachary Hunter46779
  • Chanson: In The Moonlight
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Textes et Paroles de In The Moonlight

Here we go trying love again
Backing up where we've always been
Trying the same ol' things that never worked before

Maybe our love is not real love
Maybe it's in the stars above
For us to walk away or try this just once more

Here we sit in the moonlight darlin'
Trying hard not to feel this way
But you and me in the moonlight darlin'
Feeling things that our hearts will never say

I will kiss you and you'll hold me
Say we're as close as we can be
But in our heart of hearts we know something's wrong
We had a love that never quit until the day it really did
Now we're still searching for a love that's dead and gone


Oh, oh it's a beautiful night
But here we sit hand in hand and can't look eye to eye


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