Paroles Two Lonesome Hearts de Zachary Hunter

Zachary Hunter
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  • Artiste: Zachary Hunter46779
  • Chanson: Two Lonesome Hearts
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Textes et Paroles de Two Lonesome Hearts

Betty wiped tables since she was a girl
From Longview to Lubbock that was her world
Jimmy herded cattle on his buckskin horse
Since he was thirteen that was his only course

They were two lonesome hearts, riding on the wind
Blowing like tumbleweeds, hurting like sin
Two lonesome hearts
That's a big space to fill
Wishing they would
Wondering if they will (Knowing they never will)

He never dropped roots and neither had she
That ol' Texas highway was as far as they could see
When you live that way love don't last long
One day you got it the next day you're gone


Jimmy met Betty at a roadside bar
They talked for hours out in Betty's car
So much to say but so little said
Then the wind picked up and blew 'em their separate ways

Out on the highway in between towns
It's easy to run with your wheels spinning 'round
But inside the heart there's no guarantee
That if you break loose you will ever be free


Two lonesome hearts
Two lonesome hearts

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