Paroles Go Down Low de Zoelah

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  • Artiste: Zoelah47449
  • Chanson: Go Down Low
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Textes et Paroles de Go Down Low

Ohhhhh... ehh... ehh

I want ya
Jook and go down low [x2]
Why not come up (soh) [x2]
Jook and go down low [x2]
Lovin mi baby

Tell yoh (yeah)

Boy I like di way yoh... Di way you move
Yes I love di way yoh... Di way you groove
With your sexy vibe... You put me in di mood
But if you want to love me...
Bab y you will have to...

Go down low
I want you to go
Go down
Go down
Down to di ground

Go down low
I want you to go
Go down
Go down
Down low

Go down
Go down
Down Low
Jah man go down (down low)
Lemmi wine to di ground
Down low
Go down
Go lower mi baby

I like it when you touchin mi baby... Wen I'm workin di body
Oo baby u definitely crazy... You got it goin on
You set tha mood... Or u behaving rude
But if you want to work me
Baby you will have to

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