Paroles House Party de 3OH!3

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  • Artiste: 3OH!333907
  • Chanson: House Party
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Textes et Paroles de House Party

Sunday better find somebody else
So one for one day I don't have to clean up after myself

Everybody say Fuck the clubs!
Fuck the clubs!

I'm gonna have a house party
In my house
I'm gonna pour booze
Down my mouth
I might stay up until the A.M.
Yeah, I think tonight I'm just gonna stay in

8 o'clock
10 o'clock
2 o'clock
4 o'clock
6 o'clock
7 A.M. better get the fuck out
'Cause there ain't no room to be crashing on my couch

Everybody say Fuck the DJ's
Fuck the DJ's

Fuck if I know
If there's a better place to go
'Cause there ain't no party
if it ain't my party

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