Paroles You Know Who You Are de Undefined

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  • Artiste: Undefined38238
  • Chanson: You Know Who You Are
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Textes et Paroles de You Know Who You Are

I know you want attention
When you say your life's not fair
But you can quit talking that shit to me
Cause I don't fucking care

For you life is a darkened room
No happiness or bliss
But you can't make things better
Cutting your own fucking wrists

We're tired of your bullshit
Bringing everybody down
We can all see right through you
And we don't want you around
I know the key to happiness
And it's inside myself
So take your negativity
And spread it somewhere else

I've seen your type before
And I'll see more like you again
You see your life as misery
You think will never end

You say that you're worthless
As you watch your potential pass
No one will live your life for you
So just get up off your ass

Maybe there will come a time
When you'll see things my way
You'll reflect on all this wasted time
That you've let slip away

You'll need someone to run to
And you'll need someone to care
Just don't come running to me
I won't fucking be there

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