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3rd Alley
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  • Artiste: 3rd Alley19187
  • Chanson: Fame
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Textes et Paroles de Fame

(Words and Music by: z. walters)

Fully loaded like an M-16, like walter winchell had exploded check the inseam
take a breath and spit cause i cannot sing
if you do you're a fool gonna push you, with a stick or a pick or a shovel fool,
wheel barrel automatic or another

but anyways back to the pooridge i was cookin
hate being lonely so i'm always overbookin
goodlookin lady make me wanna keep on lookin
but i can't stand fame

turned on my mtv, must be something wrong with me,
cause i can't see what all the dilettantes see,
we're not on teen beat magazine but we don't quite
suck like a suction machine, sell out, sell out
yeah join the team

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