Paroles Little Bohemia de 3rd Alley

3rd Alley
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  • Artiste: 3rd Alley19187
  • Chanson: Little Bohemia
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Textes et Paroles de Little Bohemia

(Words and Music by: Z. Walters)

The flower buds are fallin on my shoulders
I'm standing in two feet of water
I can't relate
With the commotion
Social vampires suckin out the emotion

Little bohemia has the best damn weather
Ask that fop in the v-neck sweater
How he relates
with his next door neighbor
Teeth fallin out of his head with crack behavior

it's just got to be that way
don't you ever take away
our little bohemia

hiphoppers, surfers, hippies and mo's
butt rockers all livin in the same rows
you can't debate
it's much too late
try as hard as you want you can't segregate, this

suburban servitude was never one of my goals
it's a wonderful place to bury our souls
so I can't relate
in our short existence
sheep running in circles overflowing with persistence

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