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3rd Storee
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  • Chanson: Party Tonight
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Textes et Paroles de Party Tonight

Uh-oh somethin's gonna happen
3rd Storee
Yo wassup this is RL
Where my boys 3rd Storee
We got to make you dance with Disarray you know what I'm say in
Strait for the clubs
Yab Yum
Uh-oh (Next)
Yo Ready
Common (NE.. Money)
Let's go
3rd Storee

This is a story so don't you tell out 3rd Storee breaken out on that ……. Yes
Time to have some fun
There's a party around the corner
And you can go if you wanna
Step on by
Itz gonna be live
Itz on tonight, itz on tonight

So the time that you fellin right
Have you heard there's a house party tonight
Your gonna groove to the dressin light
Everything's gonna be alright
Baby is theirs with a reason
This time its slow Tryin Teisan
There's showing off for no reason
Because it's a party
Come on

Ladies lookin so sexy
Tellin to move in your face LAN Dondy
They don't know about this here … Party
It so how that you don't mind
Girl you havein such a good time
Up on the block
Around the corner
About three eighths
On the third Storee

Ladies and Fellas
Put your hands together
Common Everybody
Put your hands together
3rd Storee say
Put your hands together
Come on, come on

I wanna hear
Bur, bur, bur
Take it, take it party night and a DJ
Women in a dinner, My Food drink and DJ
Party For the Peace Ay..
Slippen money on the, Tell me where the honey
Bust a Replay
More then 3rd Storee in your City
1999 make me Flow and make you flow you Really
Really, The yab is young
I'm taken territory with the scorpi you broke
And you know my love is always on it


Babe Ayy….
Oh, oh
We gonna dance
We gonna dance tonight
Yea … oh Wow

(lil' Man Free Stylein)


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