Paroles Do You Wanna Dance de 98 Degrees

98 Degrees
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  • Artiste: 98 Degrees2925
  • Chanson: Do You Wanna Dance
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Textes et Paroles de Do You Wanna Dance

Baby I gotta ask you
Do you wanna dance
Because I'm in the mood
I've been watchin' ya from across the room
The way you're moving
I could get into you

Tonight is the night I want to dance with you
My heart is beating faster than I want it to
The music is right and the groove starts to move
Can I find a way to get down with you
Put your hand in mine
Let me look into your eyes
Let's not waste any time girl
'Cause this feeling's so strong that I can't deny

I look in your eyes and my world starts to shake
Intoxicating me with every move you make
Come and get down with your favorite tune
I feel the need to get with you soon
Ooh you're looking so fine
And I'm liking the way that you move
Girl you're making me high
And there's nothing I wouldn't do to you

So what you wanna do
Do you wanna dance
So what you gon' do
Do you wanna get down
So what you wanna do
Do you wanna dance
So what you gon' do
Do you wanna get down
Get down on it
Girl I love the way you move
Get down on it
Girl I gotta dance with you
Get down on it
Girl I love the way you slide
Get down on it
Won't you dance with me tonight

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