Paroles Yellow Haired Girl de A B & The Sea

A B & The Sea
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  • Artiste: A B & The Sea50496
  • Chanson: Yellow Haired Girl
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Textes et Paroles de Yellow Haired Girl

I still remember little yellow haired girl
With the little hot curlers in her hair
My mind was floating around somewhere
And dancing with the smoke from her lips
And the Parliament she held in her fingertips
But on my way down from my highest point
I might hit the ground, but I'll never believe a word they say
When they say that only fools drop it all for love
Only fools leave the money and run
There in the lobby I can hear them screaming
All the people start to shout
Hey man, turn yourself around
We don't really like the way your turning out
Oh boy, you really crack me up
We're going this this alone, ain't ever gonna stop
And I don't want to see you with anybody else
She's my little heroine and I want her all to myself

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