Paroles West Coast Dreaming de A Bloody Canvas

A Bloody Canvas
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  • Artiste: A Bloody Canvas19405
  • Chanson: West Coast Dreaming
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Textes et Paroles de West Coast Dreaming

the west coast has been calling out my name
i promised i'd meet you there someday
under this pacific sun
but now it scares me to think that things might be different than i'd always dreamed
its not what it seems when your staring at stars
if we're alone in a car maybe then we coudl see through what i never saw in you
a face blinded by neon lights
it was such a pretty sight, i admit,
but it was then that i knew i woudl never fit in
i would never fit in here
the west coast was once my dreams, my hopes
the seams in which i wove these perfect lies to myself
everyting will be just fine, i repeated over and over
but nothing is fine when its not what it seems when your staring at stars but if we're alone in a car maybe then we'd see through what i never saw in you

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