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A Bullet For Pretty Boy
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Textes et Paroles de Revision: Revise

Weakness of our bodies cant make
Us climb these walls
Will we break the awful patterns
Before the end is here
I'm in need of something more
I'm stuck in a shallow grave
I've been here before
So Lord lend me your hand
I've been here before
In this endless cycle
I've fallen once again
And with this empty feeling
I seek forgiveness
And await the answer
Action without movement
Await the answer
Desire without heart
There are voices in our heads
The weakness of our bodies
Can make us climb these walls
Why is it so hard to listen to the
Voice inside our heads
It feels so close
Yet so far away
Even the wind and waves obey Him
What's there to fear
Give us strength to overcome this downfall
To stand to our feet
And break these awful patterns
Before the end is here
Why is it so hard to hear your voice
When you are right here
Why is it so hard to hear your voice
Right now

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