Paroles And How We Would Give Her The Moon de A Cadence Of Sorts

A Cadence Of Sorts
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  • Artiste: A Cadence Of Sorts13748
  • Chanson: And How We Would Give Her The Moon
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Textes et Paroles de And How We Would Give Her The Moon

If it's too much to ask tonight, I'll pen it in red, with love I will sign. I'll call you the calm before the storm, a sight for sore eyes, a heart that's been worn. Was it the wake, the bend, the fold, the crashing of tides and breaking the mold? Follow the leader, it's past ten. If I could see you, I'd softly lift your chin. I'll bare your weakeness, wear all regret, comfort and hold you, if you would only let this change. If I were to shine a light so bright, would you grace a smile and then trace the line? Leading the way back to a heart. A scrapbook collection where you've left your mark. A blueprint once saved for days with rain. A casual method to let go of pain. So here's to the step to make the most of sand and surrender. Waves breaking the shore.

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